Every conversation always includes this question. Every answer to this question always includes ‘that depends on how long it will take’. We know that is not the answer you were looking for but that is the best answer we have.

We are rolling out over $60,000 worth of specialized equipment to your job site and at least 2 experienced men working just on your project doing exactly the cuts that you request. We will do everything possible to make sure you have a quality product when we are done.

We have cut up tens of thousands of board feet of logs into slabs and dimensional lumber and each job is different. We have cut logs that were on hill sides, laying in a dry creek bed, a cliff on one side, next to homes, in muddy fields, in backyards that we had to take down fences to get our equipment in. We have cut old hickory lumber so hard we had to replace 5 chains on one log and took almost 15 minutes to cut one slab. We had one customer that wanted a 17’ long, 56” wide pin oak cut into flooring, that took 2 days. We have had to pull logs up hills with chains and 2 trucks. One log was so large we had to mill it while it was still on the trailer. We even dug a hole so we could lift a log to a vertical position so we could make it into cookies.

One thing you can do to keep the cost down is to find a tree service that will reduce their rate if they don’t have to cut up the large logs and remove them when they cut down your tree. Get a quote for the entire tree to be cut down and removed and then ask them if the cost would be reduced if they leave the large logs. Usually this will save them time, the cost of finding a dump site and the wear and tear on equipment. Customers have told us that they saved enough to almost pay for us to slab out their logs. If the tree service that gave you a quote is not willing to reduce the charges, then maybe you should keep getting quotes until you find one that will.

Another suggestion to keep your costs low is have a couple of helpers available to move cut slabs and lumber so we can just keep on milling. We can spend more time moving slabs and lumber than milling, so if you can provide some help with moving the cuts it will maximize our time and reduce your costs.

We are able to give you a accurate estimate on the cost of your project with just a phone call and some photos you provide. Call for a free estimate.

Another good question with another ‘Depends’ answer.

The type of wood you have, the size and the condition are some of the factors that will affect the pricing on your lumber. Live edge slabs are popular right now and that is mostly what we are hired to make. Walnut slabs bring the highest sale price. Depending on size and condition, Walnut and White Oak slabs can bring over $400 per slab. Not unusual for customers to sell slabs the same day as we are milling them by posting on Facebook and other social media platforms.

We do not mill for shares and we do not accept logs for payment. We simply do not have the space to store logs or the time to mill them.

We do occasionally pick up logs from downed trees if we know of a customer who wants lumber or slabs. We know how costly it is for tree removal so if you have a log that needs to be gone, get in touch with us and see if it is something we can use before you turn it into firewood. We do not charge to come to you and pick up logs if we can use them.

We are not a tree service. We only deal with logs on the ground. We do not remove limbs and branches. We can cut a log to the size you need and do some minor trimming to make it manageable for you to move and store and for us to mill.

Right now we have 2 sawmills. One is a Lucas Sawmill which we use for large logs. It is a portable chain sawmill that can cut up to a 60” wide slab and up to 24’ long. We can make dimensional lumber with it using the swing blade attachment. It can cut dimensional sizes up to 7 ¾” x 7 ¾” and all sizes smaller then that. We also have the attachments for planning and sanding slabs as well. For more information on the Lucas Mill visit lucasmill.com.

We recently added a Timberking 1620 to our inventory. It is a portable bandsaw mill, can cut up to 32" wide and 20' long.

Payment is due once completed. We do not accept credit cards. We do not send invoices or take partial payments. We accept cash, checks, PayPal or Venmo.

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