Fees and Charges

Every log is different and although it would be nice to have a simple way to figure what the cost to have your log turned into slabs or lumber, there is just too many variables to give a fixed estimate.

Portable Milling Charges

Milling at your location requires loading, unloading, moving logs, trimming logs, setup, take down, travel time, mileage costs, etc.  Most of the time we at your location is not having the saw mill running but moving logs and cut lumber or slabs. Logs are heavy and hard to move and position and large thick slabs take time to move to your storage spot.

Our base fees for milling at your location is $250. This includes travel time, mileage, setup, take down, unloading and loading equipment and moving the first log into position.

Milling charges at our location

For logs delivered to our location we charge $150 per hour, with no minimum. That includes any time we have handling your logs such as help with unloading, loading, moving logs, milling, stacking, etc.

Pick up and Delivery Fee

We do offer Pick Up and Delivery service. We have a 20’ tandem axle trailer and loader. If you are within a 25 mile radius we will pick up your logs and deliver your finished product for $250 per trailer load.

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