Jokers and Marbles Game

Jokers and Marbles Game

Jokers and Marbles Game

Deluxe Set of Jokers & Marbles for $79.95 with free shipping to United States. This is a mixed set so each team has a color. Solid Walnut and Sweet Gum. This includes 6 game pieces or paddles, a bag of 30 marbles (5 marbles each of 6 different colors), 3 decks of new Bicycle playing cards, instructions on how to play and 6 cue cards. The paddles are 18" long and the felt pads on the back will protect your furniture. The paddles are very easy to assemble and the interlocking corners make it easy to adjust for 4, 5 or 6 players. The marbles are 9/16". Also included is a FREE storage bag that you can use to store/carry the game. Let me know the color of the storage bag you want. I have Kelly green, forest green, maroon, red, orange, blue, navy blue and purple.This is a **ONE OF A KIND** set and is hand crafted from locally grown trees and has a smooth clear satin finish that really brings out the grain. This is made here in Kansas City and is a new item. Please get in touch if you need any more information. If you want to save on shipping charges local pick up is available and also there will be a discount if you order multiple sets.

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