Mobile Saw Milling

Mobile Saw Milling

Mobile Saw Milling

We bring our sawmill to your location and mill it up just how you would like it. Our mill is very portable and can get to tight areas other mills can not. We can mill dimensional lumber or live edge slabs up to 60 inches wide. Give us a call to talk about your future milling project.

Lumber milling at your location requires loading, unloading, moving logs, trimming logs, setup, take down, travel time, mileage costs, etc. 

Our base fees for milling at your location is $250. This includes travel time, mileage, setup, take down, unloading and loading equipment and moving the first log into position. Mileage over 25 miles one way is extra. If the job is too big to get done in one day, the 2nd day travel fee is $150. There is an extra fee of $100 per chain or $35 per blade if we run  into metal in the log.  Give us a call to get an idea on what the milling charges could be.

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