Mobile Saw Milling

Mobile Saw Milling

Mobile Saw Milling
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We bring one of our two sawmills to your location and mill up your logs to your exact specifications. Our mills are portable and can get to tight areas other mills can not. We can mill dimensional lumber or live edge slabs up to 60 inches wide. *

Our base fees for milling at your location is $250. This includes travel time, mileage, setup, take down, unloading and loading equipment and moving the first log into position. 

The cost for running our bandsaw mill (Timber King 1620) is $150 per hour. This includes at least 2 skilled operators, a subcompact tractor that we use for material handling, bandsaw blades * and diesel fuel.

Our slabbing mill (Lucas Mill) is a different beast completely, it requires more time and more labor to get the big logs slabbed for our customers. These jobs are difficult to estimate because of the many variations that occur during the process. Depending on the job and the weight of the slabs and size of the log, we may have to bring additional help to complete the project. We bid these jobs on a case by case basis. Contact me for an estimate.

* Hitting steel or rocks in your logs damages or destroys our bandsaw blade/chainsaw chains. Additional fees will be applied for hitting steel and rocks/gravel in your logs.

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