3 Most Expensive Wood Types For Furniture and Interior Construction

3 Most Expensive Wood Types For Furniture and Interior Construction

3 Most Expensive Wood Types For Furniture and Interior Construction

Posted on September 8th, 2023

In the world of interior design and furniture, wood is a timeless and classic material. Its rich texture, intricate grains, and natural beauty make it an indispensable choice for many. But not all woods are created equal. 

While some are common and easily accessible, others are rare gems that can elevate any piece of furniture or interior space to a level of unmatched elegance. 

At Wyco Wood Co., we've had the privilege of working with a multitude of wood types, spanning from the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

We've marveled at the allure and sophistication of some of the world's most expensive woods and understood the value they bring. 

In this post, we dive deep into three of the most opulent woods you can choose for your furniture and interior design. Let's embark on this luxurious journey together.

Why Expensive Wood?

Wood, in its very essence, is a gift of nature. Each type, with its unique grain, color, and characteristics, tells a distinct story. But what makes some wood types more expensive than others? And more importantly, why would someone invest in such pricey options?

Value of Investment: Investing in expensive wood types isn't just about the price tag; it's about the unparalleled quality and longevity they offer. These wood varieties often come from trees that have grown for hundreds of years, absorbing nutrients and minerals that enhance their strength and resilience. A piece of furniture made from such wood isn't just an item; it's a legacy.

Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond durability, the most expensive wood for furniture often showcases stunning patterns, colors, and textures not found in common wood types. It's the kind of beauty that becomes a conversation starter, setting your interior space apart from the ordinary.

Wyco's Personal Touch: At Wyco Wood Co., we've witnessed first-hand the transformational power of these woods. Our customers often come to us with dreams of creating one-of-a-kind wood pieces for their homes. And with our custom milling, we've brought those dreams to life, turning premium woods into masterpieces.

In the next sections, we'll delve deeper into these luxurious woods, exploring their origins, characteristics, and the magic they bring to furniture and interiors.

The Most Expensive Wood For Furniture

Stepping into the realm of the most sought-after woods is akin to entering a gallery of natural art. These woods, often reserved for special projects, are not just about the prestige, but the enchanting stories they tell through their grains, colors, and textures. Let's take a closer look at these rarities:

Bubinga: Originating from the tropical regions of Central Africa, Bubinga is renowned for its reddish-brown hue interlaced with purple streaks. This wood is not just a treat for the eyes; its density and resilience make it an excellent choice for heavy-duty furniture pieces. Its unique patterns, especially when quarter-sawn, reveal mesmerizing water-like waves, adding depth and movement to any piece.

Macassar Ebony: Hailing from the Southeast Asian islands, Macassar Ebony is distinguished by its dramatic contrast of dark brown or black streaks against a lighter background. Its lustrous finish, even without a gloss, sets it apart. Besides its visual appeal, Macassar Ebony is dense, making it perfect for crafting luxurious furniture that's both beautiful and enduring.

Snakewood: As the name suggests, Snakewood is famous for its distinctive grain pattern resembling snake scales. Found mainly in the coastal regions of Northeastern South America, it's one of the hardest woods, offering robustness matched by few. Its exclusivity and striking appearance make it a prime choice for limited edition or bespoke furniture pieces.

At Wyco Wood Co., we understand that these woods demand craftsmanship of the highest caliber. That's why we take pride in our custom milling services, ensuring each slice, cut, and polish brings out the intrinsic beauty of these woods to the fullest.

Other Honorable Mentions

While Bubinga, Macassar Ebony, and Snakewood are undoubtedly among the elite, the world of expensive woods has other noteworthy contenders. Some of these may not have made our top three but are still coveted for their unique attributes and opulent charm.

Lignum Vitae: Known as the "wood of life", Lignum Vitae boasts a rich greenish-brown hue and is considered one of the densest woods available. Native to the Caribbean and the north coast of South America, its natural oils not only give it a glossy sheen but also make it incredibly resilient to wear and tear.

African Blackwood: Dark, dense, and with a fine texture, African Blackwood is primarily used in making musical instruments. Originating from the dry savanna regions of Africa, this wood's dark beauty and tonal quality make it a favorite among wood connoisseurs.

Pink Ivory: This wood stands out with its naturally pinkish-red hue. Found mainly in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and South Africa, Pink Ivory is not just about the color; it's about the rarity. Traditionally reserved for African royalty, this wood now graces high-end furniture and artifacts.

Remember, the question of what is the most expensive wood often intertwines with what is the rarest wood. And while price tags can indeed signify quality, the true value of these woods lies in the stories they tell, the history they've witnessed, and the craftsmanship they inspire.

Taking Care of Expensive Wood

Nurturing and preserving the grandeur of these prestigious woods requires a blend of knowledge, patience, and love. As with any valuable investment, ensuring they retain their intrinsic beauty and resilience over the years is paramount. So, how does one take care of these woods? Dive into our crafted tips:

Regular Dusting: It might sound simple, but regular dusting with a soft cloth can make a huge difference. Dust can be abrasive and can dull the wood's natural shine over time. Gentle, regular cleaning helps maintain the wood's luster and prevents buildup.

Avoid Direct Sunlight: Just as the sun's rays can harm our skin, they can affect the color of the wood. Prolonged exposure can fade and dry out your prized furniture. It's best to position them away from direct sunlight or use curtains to filter out the harshest rays.

Humidity Control: Woods like Snakewood and Macassar Ebony can warp or crack in fluctuating humidity. It's essential to maintain a consistent environment, ideally between 40% and 60% humidity, to prevent these adverse reactions.

Oil and Wax: Some of these woods, like Lignum Vitae, come with their natural oils. But for others, occasional polishing with a quality oil or wax can rejuvenate their appearance and offer a protective layer against spills and stains.

We, at Wyco Wood Co., have had customers who've been astounded at the longevity and quality retention of their wood pieces, and it all boils down to consistent and proper care.

Mobile & Onsite Milling: Taking Craftsmanship to the Next Level

In the realm of reclaimed wood projects, the joy of crafting is unmatched. But what if you could elevate that experience by milling your wood, tailored to your exact specifications? At Wyco Wood Co., we're proud to offer both Mobile and Onsite Milling services, ensuring you get the perfect foundation for your creations.

Mobile Milling: Bringing Expertise to Your Doorstep

Ever dreamt of having the milling process right in your backyard or project site? Our Mobile Milling service does just that. We bring our top-notch equipment and expertise directly to you. Whether it's a massive barn beam or a pile of old lumber, we'll mill it according to your requirements, ensuring the wood retains its character while being apt for your project.

Onsite Milling at Wyco Wood Co.: Experience Precision and Passion

For those who prefer to bring their wood to a dedicated facility, our Onsite Milling service at our Kansas City location is the perfect fit. You'll not only benefit from our state-of-the-art equipment but also get insights from our experienced team. Watching your wood being transformed, understanding its nuances, and getting it milled to perfection – it's an experience every craftsman must cherish.

Why Choose Wyco Wood Co. for Milling?

  • Precision: Our advanced milling equipment ensures you get the exact dimensions you need for your project.
  • Sustainability: We believe in zero wastage. Our milling process is designed to utilize every bit of your wood, ensuring maximum yield and minimum waste.
  • Expertise: With years in the business, our team knows wood. We can advise on the best cuts, treatments, and techniques to ensure your project's success.

With our milling services, you're not just getting wood; you're getting a partner in your creative journey. Together, let's shape those raw reclaimed wood pieces into the perfect foundation for your crafts and creations.


Our expedition into the world of opulent woods has been nothing short of enlightening. From the dramatic streaks of Macassar Ebony to the serpentine allure of Snakewood, these woods embody luxury, heritage, and nature's unmatched artistry. But beyond their price tags and rarity, they resonate with tales of ancient forests, distant lands, and craftsmanship that transcends generations.

At Wyco Wood Co., we don’t just sell wood; we share stories, craft dreams, and nurture legacies. With our custom milling services, we pride ourselves in turning these majestic woods into timeless masterpieces tailored to your desires. Imagine a one-of-a-kind piece gracing your living space, a testament to both nature's grandeur and human artistry.

If these woods have sparked your imagination and you're contemplating a unique wood piece for your home or office, don't hesitate. We're here to guide, craft, and transform. Reach out to us at (816) 244-5505 or drop us an email at [email protected]

Let's create magic together.

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