Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Native American Indians revered trees and used them for shelter, food, heat, cooling, transportation, medicine, navigation, ceremonies, tools, weapons, clothing, art and music. Trees were an integral part of every American Indian tribes existence.

In 1840’s the Wyandot Indians were moved to Kansas from their homeland in Michigan through the US federal policy of forced Indian removal. They purchased a 23,000-acre plot of land from the Delaware Tribe that was located at the junction of the Kansas and Missouri rivers in what is now called Wyandotte County.

In March of 1886 Kansas City Kansas was formed through the consolidation of five municipalities with the oldest being Wyandot that was formed in 1857.

WYCO WOOD CO. understands this history and chose it’s logo to honor the original founders of Kansas City Kansas. 

We are the large log specialists in the Kansas City area. We have the ability to move our sawmill to your log, you do not have to bring your logs to us. Our mill can handle logs up to 60 inches in diameter and 24 feet in length.

Wyco Wood Co – is a Kansas City based sawmill and lumber company that provides a community service of turning urban trees into usable wood products. We do this to make our city sustainable and to help our residents know where their wood products come from.

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