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Who is WyCo Wood Co.

WYCO Wood Company is a sawmill service founded in Wyandotte County, Kansas in 2019 by Bob and Nathan Nowak. But their story goes back over 50 years.

Bob was a teenager when his father, Earl had him helping in the basement of his childhood home. Earl was restoring furniture for a family friend who owned rental property and would hire Earl to fix up and restore items that had been left by the renters when they moved out. Bob learned to sand, hold pieces while the clamps were positioned and to scrape off old varnish and paint. But the most important lesson that Bob learned was how much he enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment when the project was completed and to admire how a piece of wood could turn into a beautiful piece of furniture.

Nathan had the idea that we could make our own lumber and of course Bob went along. They started taking logs that were given to them from friends and family to a sawmill in Eudora, KS owned by Tom The Sawyer. A wonderful man who had been milling logs for a long time. Tom had a band saw mill and was great to work with.

They both soon realized that making lumber from salvaged trees was something that could be turned into a business and so they bought their first sawmill and started Wyco Wood Co. 

If you have a log from your property or homestead that you want to turn into a useful product, give us a call and lets turn it into valuable lumber.

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